Ovenware Pots

We offer pottery created with specialised material suitable for cooking in traditional ovens (with wood) as well as for gas or electricity ovens, for a mouthwatering experience of unique flavours (Kleftiko, pastitsio, koupepia, and anything else you might desire).

Using our unique ‘tsoukali’ specially made for low flame cooking, you can prepare a variety of healthy and tasty meals, including pulses, soups and anything else your heart (or stomach!) might desire!

Warm up your food in our special bowl and serve it directly onto your table. Our bowl keeps your food warm for longer, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your food at your own leisurely pace. All our cooking pots are easy to clean, making your life easier!

We offer cookware and dinnerware specially made for restaurants and hotels (a variety of plates, wine and water carafs, wine and water glasses, serving bowls and serving platters, bakeware, as well as bakeware for individual portions of mousakka, souffle, saganaki, etc.)